Naan: made on the stovetop . made on the stone in oven . made on the barbecue . with kalonji

Bread Baking Babes: January 2010 - Naan


January 2010

We usually have naan unadorned but this time we decided to sprinkle the bread with kalonji (nigella seeds) before baking it in the oven. Kalonji is also delicious in onion pilao or baked onto twisted bread rings.

naan (January 2010)

We served the naan with chole (chickpea curry), beet salad and palak paneer.

naan (January 2010)

naan (January 2010)

closer view of beet salad made with grated beets, apple, onion, garam masala, mustard seed, chili flakes, cider vinegar and oil

naan (January 2010)

The next morning we had chole, naan and Major Grey chutney (sweet mango chutney).

naan (January 2010)

Naan 2010

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naan (January 2010)

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Bread Baking Babes: January 2010 - Naannaan with kalonji (YS, BBB)

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