4 Kinds of Corn Bread

Sweet Potato Corn Bread . Plain Corn Bread . Gluten-free Corn Bread . Yeasted

Sweet Potato Corn Bread

March 2006

Bake in parchment lined pan; cool on rack

sweet potato cornbread (19 Mar 2006)

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After cooling, cut in squares

sweet potato cornbread (19 Mar 2006)

Plain Corn Bread

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Of course, this is hardly plain. It is wonderfully grainy with a slightly nutty flavour.

Put all the oil called for in the recipe into a cast iron frying pan. Put the pan in the oven while it is preheating. Once the rest of the ingredients are in a bowl, pour

hot oil into barely mixed batter;
add hot oil to barely mixed batter (22 Mar 2006)
sprinkle cornmeal into hot oiled pan.
cornmeal into hot oiled pan (22 Mar 2006)

Pour batter into pan and bake. Let cool on a rack and then flip the bread out onto a plate.

Cornbread on Plate

cornbread (22 Mar 2006)

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Gluten-free Corn Bread

February 2010

This cornbread is made with chickpea flour (aka besan) rather than wheat flour. The chickpea flour adds a nutty flavour to the bread.

gluten-free cornbread (February 2010)

gluten-free cornbread (February 2010)

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Yeasted Corn Bread

August 2012

This wonderful cornbread was adapted from a recipe in SUNDAYS AT MOOSEWOOD RESTAURANT - Simon&Schuster/Fireside 1990. If there is any bread leftover, it makes terrific Stovetop Dressing.

yeasted cornbread (August 2012)

In the past, the crumb was quite dense. But this time it was soft and beautiful, but still with the lovely graininess from the cornmeal.

yeasted cornbread (August 2012)

We were going to toast the bread on the barbecue before serving it but it was too beautiful.

yeasted cornbread (August 2012)

We served the bread with Portuguese-style salt cod.

yeasted cornbread (August 2012)

The next night, we did toast the rest of the loaf on the barbecue and dipped it into olive oil (those are fresh thyme leaves in the olive oil).

yeasted cornbread (August 2012)

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We Love Rogers Flour

We don't know if it's simply because of practice that our bread is better or if it's because of this no-additive flour from B.C. we can now get. The only additives to the flour are the vitamins that are required by Canadian Law. Please see rogersfoods.com for more details.

Rogers flourRogers flour
Rogers flour (www.rogers.com)

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