Vínarterta - Icelandic layer cake

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Vínarterta on left; Ginger Shortbread on right

Vínarterta and Ginger Shortbread - December 2006

The shortbread-like layers are flavoured with almond extract and cardamom.

Vínarterta layer - December 2006

The prune filling is flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon.

Vínarterta prune filling - December 2006

The cake has five (cooled) layers held together with (cooled) prune filling.

Vínarterta prune filling - December 2006

The cake is always better after being aged. We wrap it well in plastic, then aluminum foil.

unaged Vínarterta - December 2006

This year, my sister and I made only one cake. We cut it in half so she could take her half home.

unaged Vínarterta cut in half - December 2006

Here it is in its tin beginning to age (ideally for about a month).

Vínarterta aging in tin - December 2006

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Vínarterta cut for serving on Christmas Day. (Those are Scottish-style shortbreads on the left and ginger shortbread on the right.)

Vínarterta - December 2006

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